Include elements to be recorded in video


In addition to Watermark is it possible to include other elements to be recorded in the video? Such as the participant’s name, date and time?

Jibri just records whatever is in the UI, so anything you can enable in the UI, Jibri would record. We don’t have any special overlays or anything for Jibri though.

So I include some items in div = localVideoTileViewContainer, but they were not written to the file, is it another object I should include?

Are you saying you modified your Jitsi meet instance with code to include more data? Are you able to see your changes from normal clients?

Yes, I added more data to the Jitsi meet client, but it did not reflect on the file recording nor to the other conference participants. Does just changing what is visible reflect what is transmitted?

It sounds like your changes are not being reflected on your server, so you’ll need to figure that out first (making sure clients can see these changes) and then Jibri should work. So this is your own deployment? You’re changing the jitsi-meet lib and then uploading it?

OK, thanks for the help. We ended up changing the jibri layer to accept more parameters in ffmpeg and managed to solve this problem.