Inauspicious beginning, is just a blank page


I am looking to set up video conferencing for my father and decided to try jitsi. I have loaded the meet jit webpage on my computer and find that it is just a blank gray page.

I have allowed java script from and both noscript and ghostery do not list anything as being blocked on the page.

I have searched for this issue but the posts I found seem to involve users who built their own Meet server.

Can anyone let me know how to proceed? This computer is running firefox 52.9.0 (32-bit).


That Firefox version will not work. Strange is that you see a grey page … we need to fix that. But give a try with latest Chrome version, you will get better experience.

I don’t have chrome installed. What versions of firefox will work. I don’t see a system requirements list anywhere. That is generally a standard resource to provide for new users. It is generally necessary to have a list of operating system and browser versions that are compatible with your platform.

If I am just not finding that, can you send the link?


If you were not hit by some bug, you will see this:

I use Mozilla Firefox 68.6.0 and it works here, your version is terribly obsolete.