Inappropriate Japanese translation?

Hello, this is my first post. I am a user from Japan.
A user has pointed out that the Japanese translation is difficult to understand. The following is the part.
In the “more actions” menu, the third item from the top, “performance settings,” the Japanese translation of “best performance” in English is "highest speed. This Japanese can have multiple meanings. I think it was easier to understand in the previous version. The meaning of “best performance” in English is also difficult for ordinary users to understand. It would be better to explain it in a way that says, “The quality of the image is reduced and priority is given to the connection status”. This is not a particularly serious problem, so if you can afford it, please consider it. Thank you very much.

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We rely on external contributions for translations, so I’d ssuggest you open a PR with the change and the reasoning!

Hi saghul, Thanks for your reply, I found the translation file on Github.

I am not familiar with how to edit it, but I will look into it. Appreciate it.