Inactive users not disconnected and maintaining moderator status

I have deployed a self-hosted jitsi-meet instance and have found that some meetings do not get properly closed when all users have been disconnected. My use case involves the re-use of meeting URL’s by participants over multiple days, and over time people have found duplicate non-responsive participants in meetings.

Manually restarting nginx, jicofo and jitsi-videobridge services does not solve the issue. A full reboot of the system does however.

You need to restart prosody for that. Can you tell us which version of prosody is that?

apt reports this:

$ apt list prosody
Listing... Done
prosody/bionic,now 0.10.0-1build1 amd64 [installed,automatic]

Hey all,

got the same issue and the same version of prosody installed.

hopefully following this thread now! Thanks for any help

Any updates on this?

Restarting prosody works, and I’m currently running a cronjob (prosodyctl restart) to do so every night, but this cannot be done during working hours as it breaks existing connections.

People reported that the issue is gone after upgrading to prosody 0.11. (don’t forget to fix storage setting in your prosody config after upgrade).

I will try upgrading later today after office hours. Can I just backup /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua and the contents of /etc/prosody/conf.d/ and restore them after upgrade?