In Share Option Hide Link and Copy in Share Option of Room to enable just password

In my own installation,

  1. I want users to be able to set the password for a room but I don’t want them to share the link (See screen shot example : or the domain name for the room.
  2. Disable Copy Option.

I just want to HIDE these in web version. How do I do that? Any help will be great.

I follow this, did you found a solution?

Do an inspect element on the browser and go to all.css and remove those you don’t want.

so this is the only way you found @sraja?


I can’t find the string to change, do you have a more precise place where to check? @sraja

Config.JS in Jitsi Meet

// Disables all invite functions from the app (share, invite, dial out…etc)
// disableInviteFunctions: true,

Make sure to remove the comment to make it true.

disableInviteFunctions: true,

That’s it done. No need of messing with CSS. It works for Web and mobile. Invite/share will be gone.