In Safari users need to disable Unified Plan to make Jitsi work


With my team we work on a video conference tool that is heavily built on the jitsi stack (jitsi-meet, jitsi-videobridge, jicofo).

We are really glad and thankful for the Safari support that was recently added to the jitsi stack. Our users now able to join to the video conference also from Safari browsers both with video and audio. This is great. :slight_smile:

However they still have to disable the “WebRTC Unified Plan” feature in Safari’s developer options for being able to join.

Is there maybe a workaround that could prevent them to do this manually? I now that the full Unified Plan support is on the way. Do you have an ETA for that?

I started to look into the sdp-interop library (, but I’m not sure if this is something that could help us here.

Thank you!

Alas, we don’t yet have an ETA.

Yes, using this on Safari might help. Patches are most welcome!


I figured out that if simulcast is disabled and the source code of jitsi meet is slightly updated in order to allow video for safari as well, users can connect to the conference by using unified plan in safari. Sdp-interop is able to translate the SDP messages just like it does for firefox.

Unfortunetly this is still not a good workaround, because the conference is really unstable with this setup. Participants are tends to fall out from the conference. I’m still looking for the explanation for this.

Thanks for looking into this @bigyoo!