In Jitsi meet where to get trigger for event that is sent in prosody module through room:broadcast_message(msg)?

I am broadcasting an event from mod_av_moderation.lua file:

local msg = create_subject_message(, '%s has changed moderatorship',;
local room =;

function broadcast_json_msg(room, from, json_msg)
    --json_msg.type = 'lobby-notify';

    local occupant = room:get_occupant_by_real_jid(from);
    if occupant then
                st.message({ type = 'groupchat', from = occupant.nick })
                  :tag('json-message', {xmlns=''})

Now, In Jitsi meet where can I find this msg trigger, in Conference.js I am not finding any hit. and upon receiving the msg I want to show that in notification.

Also, is there any other way I can send these info to jitsi meet and,or to Jicifo without broadcasting from prosody plugin?

Is that a normal room or the lobby room?

It is normal room

You’ll get this conference event: JitsiConferenceEvents.ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED,

Ok. let me check, and can you tell please:

anything sent through prosody like this:


where can I get in Jitsi meet or Jicofo?

hi @saghul. I am not getting hit in JitsiConferenceEvents.ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED.

In Browser network tab I got this xmpp-websocket msg which I sent from prosody:

<message to='uzg50uuwtstmw5lz@meet.jitsi/RzR2HMWQ' from='uzg50uuwtstmw5lz@meet.jitsi/RzR2HMWQ' 
type='groupchat' xmlns='jabber:client'>
<json-message xmlns=''>%s has changed moderatorship</json-message></message>	1639042891.0777655

now need to get the event in front end js.

That depends on the stanza type and the sender. If it’s a groupchat and the sender is another occupant then my previous message is correct.

I think messages to oneself are skipped.

I see. Thank you for the answers.
In that case what should be the proper way to send this info from prosody to Jicofo in particular, also in jitsi meet?

You could send it directly to focus@domain, but then you’d need to modify jicofo to handle that, and I don’t know how to help you there :slight_smile:

What is it that you are trying to do?

actually, I am trying to send info to Jicofo about which moderator has triggered any event (e.g: grant moderatorship to another user, mute someone, etc.). these kinds of events.
I am getting event actor in

file, now need to pass this actor information to Jicofo

hi, as I don’t have a clear idea of prosody and Jicofo communication, can you please tell what these send methods do.


Is any of these method triggers can be captured in Jocofo?

Why do you need that information in jicofo?

We want to print log information in Jicofo which admin has triggered event / grant moderatorship to another member

won’t it be possible?

Print it in prosody. Modifying jicofo will make hard future upgrades. Having a custom prosody module will not lead to any conflict on upgrading, anyway you need a custom code to send a message to jicofo …

Thank you, yes modifying Jicofo would be a hassle, although it would be easier for us to monitor all the logs from one place (from Jicofo), logging in Prosody log might do the work.
Just for test purposes, can you give a code template of a custom message to send to Jicofo please

These messages are received and handled by jicofo

I’m hooking up to this post to ask you something.
If I wanted to send a broadcast message, which comes to me from prosody, to all the participants in the lobby room, what could I do?

I have a version of Jisti without the ConferenceInfo class …