In jisti meet Audio video communication is breaking After 2+ users

Our application is hosted in the following URL: in ubuntu aws.

We have successfully hosted jitsi meet application in the above-mentioned URL.
when we tested with 2 user /1-1 its working fine, but when 3rd user is joined all the connected users audio and video is disabled and it cannot be enabled by any users, But if 3rd user gets out of the room audio and video of 1st and 2nd are restored. please find the attached image below.

you can even test here

Thank you in Advance.

Your jvb seems to advertise the correct addresses, so you either had forgotten to forward the ports or you have a firewall blocking the traffic from clients to jvb.

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I have checked the configuration of ports and I forgot to add UDP ports in AWS now added, still it is not working, below are my configurations, is this proper?

ubuntu firewall settings
Chain ufw-user-input (1 references)
target prot opt source destination
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:22
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:80
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:443
ACCEPT udp – multiport dports 10000:20000


thanking you

What about firewall on the machine?

You mean this? (below attached image)
and on more thing i have installed app via nginx server is there anything to change in that?


I just tested it and it works here.

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thank you so much @damencho for your support, now all is well :slight_smile:

Thank you once again.