In iframe api, how to know if recording is going on?

Hey Jitsi Team,

First of all thank you for such a wonderful piece of technology. Couple of months back I setup my own jitsi meet server with multiple videobridges in different servers and multiple instances of jibri for recording purpose.

So we start recording as soon as moderator joins using iframe api of startRecording. So what happens is that, sometime moderator joins multiple times and startRecording action is called multiple times and same meeting then gets recorded on multiple instances of jibri. I read the docs of iframe api but there was no mention to find if recording was already on. It is a feature request for iframe api so we get a feedback that recording is already on so no need to start it again - or inbuilt check in startRecording that recording should not start on multiple instances.

PS: I am running latest stable version of jitsi meet on our servers

Gaurav Kapatia


Yes, I can confirm the need for an event called “RecordingStarted” or similar. Without it, the stream is likely to be broadcasted multiple times, which makes it useless in YouTube, and also occupies many precious streamers unnecessarily.

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Agreed, on the button click if you set it to do a different action like stop recording, there is no confirmation that the recording has even begun or failed resulting in an odd button state.

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