In advance setting of room and password (or room with lobby) before going online

1st congrats for the developers to implement the lobby feature, which is highly appreciated!

One point which I came across several times as moderator of online seminars (with 20-25 students):

Room creation and password creation (and/or enabling lobby function) requires the moderator to be already online in her/his created room before she/he sends out the meeting links/password to the participants to be able to join.

The same is for the lobby function, which has to be turned on manually after the established meeting room.

If the moderator sends out room link with password without being online her/himself any already connected and [in the lobby] “waiting” participant can immediately kick into the meeting once the moderator goes online, because setting room password or lobby function requires manual activation of it (but not preventing kicking in after going online).

Feature request:
Would it be possible to store/save the room name and password in advance in the configuration settings so that a moderator can send out link & password days ahead of a planned meeting without the risk the users kick in before password setting and lobby activation?

(this feature is frequently used with Zoom meetings in our institute at University, where meeting IDs with passwords are distributed few days in advance. Participants can only join the meeting once the moderator opens the meeting for everyone (like the already implemented lobby function), but only after the moderator went online and accepts others joining the meeting.

Those features are tight to authentication and on an anonymous and stateless environment as this is not possible. You can check where you can pre-setup password on your personal room and soon will be able to turn on lobby by default, when lobby is deployed and activated, it is possible there cause you can register and authenticate.

We also are almost done with another feature for where a user can create two links for a meeting, one to send to participants (students) and one to use to be a moderator of the meeting. This is a feature where there can be only one moderator or several (if they use the moderator link to join) and the rest to be just guests.

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Dear Damencho,
thanks for quick reply - would any settings be possible on my own jitsi meet server?

The new feature (with two links): can the link be created “in advance” or is it similarly as before only possible when the room is already online?
kind regards, MS

There is no such settings, you can develop those, those just need custom prosody modules and those does not exist in jitsi cause those normally depend on the rest of the system for authentication.

It can be created in advance.
You can try out joining, everything in that tenant/subdomain named moderated when joined without the jwt (the authentication) will result participants to be guests. So if you use those links there will be no moderator for the moment. (This is the guests part … of that feature :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot and looking forward for this new feature!

@Mr_Smith and @damencho , I have 2 queries

  1. I have followed the link how-to-how-do-i-use-the-new-lobby-feature/73100 to setup my lobby on Ubuntu 18 to no avail. My prosody.cfg.lua is similar to this file here
  2. Number of occupants per meeting. I have setup this [Solved] Where to add the "muc_max_occupants" to limit participants in a meeting? but this limits all the rooms. Is there a way i can configure the muc_max_occupants = "5" in the config.js so that the number is dynamic and different for each meeting?

thank you

Similar may not be enough. Can you attach it as a file so we can look. Also confirm the path of the file you are actually editing, please.

There is no such feature.