In a session as mod, how are commands sent and what commands are available to be sent?

I’m still in the mind boggled state, where my head’s above water, but wanting to learn to swim lots better.

When I’m starting a session, and when I have participants, where’s the list of commands that CAN be sent to change the meeting environ, and then how do I send them? I can’t figure this out. I’m lost.


When you say “commands”, what do you mean? Do you meet using the iFrame API?

I’m still in “confusion” mode a bit, but I seem to remember forum discussions about setting values for parameters that affect the way the session runs, what viewers are allowed to do or restricted from doing, and it sounded like they are able to get set and changed on the fly as the session was happening.

From what I recall, there was never any discussion about how the values were set (a text file versus a command line interface) and the discussion was more focused on the complexities of the commands themselves colliding with each other versus how to send the appropriate command to its server to make the changes happen.

I sort of envisioned a usual window doing its thing, and then as a mod, having a second window opened that allowed me to type command lines into it, yet from everything I’ve read that’s not how is set up, so… once again, I’m confused. If I’m dreaming, just say so. (-;