Improving video resolution and compromising framerate

Hi jitsi community,

My problem is: jitsi sets a low image resolution for video streams (not exceeding 320 x 180) at comparably high framerate (30 fps).
I’d like to increase image resolution and compromise a bit of frame rate. Is there an option for video streams like there is for screen sharing?

I have a jitsi setup running using container version: stable-6826 + extra turn server (hence tcp connection and not udp). Moreover, I use VP9 codec.
I have set minimum required on video resolution in config/config.js, but it looks like it doesn’t strictly use them:

config.resolution = 720; = { ideal: 720, max: 720, min: 320}; = { ideal: 1280, max: 1280, min: 640};

For screen sharing we could successfully increase image resoution by lowering framerate:

config.desktopSharingFrameRate = { min: 1, max: 5 };

I have checked available bandwidth as well (server capacity and client connection) and it is not a limitation here.

I’m curious about your answers
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  cc {

in jvb.conf

Check your browser’s js console, you might have websocket errors.

including this when deploying the jvb container didn’t increase resolution. However, I think the resolution is not limited due to bandwidth or performance issues since the machines have enough memory/CPU power.

Yes indeed there are websocket errors to wss://DOMAIN/colibri-ws/… BridgeChannel.js failed.

How do web socket errors limit video resolution?

is it possible to have a higher screen resolution than 320x180 without using websockets at all?

JVB learns client capabilities through websocket. If there is a websocket issue, JVB cannot choose the best resolution.