Improving Video Quality with Simulcast enabled


I am working with lib-jitsi-meet and am trying to improve the quality of the video streams that participants receive when in a conference. Currently, user’s see their local track at 720p and see all remote tracks at a much lower quality. If I disable simulcast, remote video quality improves for all participants. Ideally, I would like all user’s to see a specific user’s video in 720p and for all other users to be displayed with a resolution of 360.

I believe it should be possible to achieve this by using the setReceiverVideoConstraint(resolution) and setSenderVideoConstraint(resolution) lib-jitsi-meet methods, passing both a value of 720. However, so far I have had no success increasing video quality using these functions.

I am sure that there must be something that I am missing in my configuration. If anyone has previously improved video stream quality while simulcast is enabled, I’d really appreciate any suggestions or guidance based on what you did to achieve this.

Have you tested jitsi-meet on your deployment, does it work? You need to give it few seconds to ramp up.
Check for errors in ja console.

Hi damencho,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have managed to resolve the issue now. It turns out that I was calling the selectParticipant method too early, before the tracks were available. I moved the call to this method and the quality has now improved. Thanks again.