Improving video quality for smaller calls?

We have multi-server instance running using Debian’s 1.0.4466-1.
We had test conferences up to 10 people and the JVB is doing OK.
I don’t see neither CPU nor bandwidth problems.

Now, to the interesting bit:
With smaller, especially 2 or 3 people we are seeing worse quality.
In fact one of the people regularly is pushed down to 180p.
With 2 people - shouldn’t it even be p2p with even less overhead?

We do have layer suspension on - but that shouldn’t be related, should it?
We left minHeightForQualityLvl and maxBitratesVideo at their defaults for now.
We did set the preferred resolution: 480.
We also left alone disableSimulcast. Does that make it on or off?

Any pointers on what knobs to turn? Having at least 480p would be nice - and should really be doable as other conferencing solutions suggest.


Why are we seeing a resolution of lower than 480?

by default it’s on.