Improving SEO

I have deployed dockerized Jitsi server. However I do not see it anywhere on google. I seems that SEO is being blocked somewhere in the code.

  1. What parts of the source / infrastructure is at risk if SEO is enabled in dockerized jitsi service. Is there any threat of being hacked or bombed? (.e.g. I already see that config.js is easily visible)

  2. What changes are required for Google to crawl and index my service so that it is available as a paid video conferencing service?

My motive is to have my site readily available for google to crawl and index and be list alongside zoom, google meet, etc.
@ShivamGarg @damencho

There is nothing specific we do to prevent crawling IIRC.

I see …thanks…
However is there any part of source which you would not want to be crawled? e.g. config.js is readily visible

In a standard jitsi setup, config.js is included via Server-Side Include rather than linked to directly so a crawler would never really end up on /config.js. Even if it were, config.js would typically not contain any sensitive info so should not be a concern.

That said, the default robots.txt should already have the correct directives to suggest that only the root page be indexed and nothing else.

As an aside, for SEO purposes, you can add/customise the relevant headers in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/title.html to better cater for your content.

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