Improving Jitsi Audio/Connection


I started using for online music lessons, as a replacement for Zoom (which has good audio settings). I’m not using it for all of my students, just a handful.

Is there any way to improve the connection? Since it’s p2p, it shouldn’t matter if I’m using or hosting my own, right?

My home internet connection is 200MB down/12MB up. I would think that would be plenty to maintain an HD connection, but I noticed even at a “good” connection (2000kbps down/up, little if any packet loss) I never maintained a decent 720p from the FaceTime HD camera on the MacBook Pro (I know it’s a crap camera, going to try a different solution today). I know going wired would be best, but the wifi signal is decently strong, with little or no other activity in the house.

I know there’s a lot in the chain of why speeds are inconsistent. If I understand it correctly, 1 on 1 meetings are p2p, so our connection should have nothing to do with using the US-east server. Of course, I could be wrong. As much as I’d like to set up my own server (I run a Plex server on Windows), any time I’ve tried to use Docker or a Linux VM, I’ve run into issues beyond my pay grade.

From what I understand so far, since I’m not running my own server, in order to use better settings for audio/video, I’d have to use a longer string URL to send to my students. Correct? As seen here.

Also, do these settings work on iOS or Android devices? I have to ask, since Zoom’s advanced audio settings only work on Win/Mac and not mobile devices.

Thanks for your help.

More questions, in case someone sees this:

Will a p2p connection be more stable than not?

Since I do not run my own server, I have to use a longer string URL at and it uses the US-east server. My clients are only miles away from me, so I’m guessing p2p would hold better, but I lose the ability to change audio settings.

Do changing audio settings even matter if one client is in iOS?
Like will the iOS device continue to auto-level the audio?

Will the following string improve my video out?

I noticed how often Jitsi will change my video resolution. It’s a crap enough laptop webcam without being cut down further, but I’m positive there’s more bandwidth it could be using.