Improve meet quality (Redundancy ?)

I will try to explain with my bad English … we are in a meeting 4 people, but one of them has a bad connection and disconnects, when the meeting returns it is very slow for everyone and everyone has to restart but after some time the same happens . What can we do (in addition to banning such a person from meetings)?

What do you mean it is slow?

Hi @damencho, thanks for the answer !

The connections appear as “weak” (yellow), even disconnecting …

Hi @damencho!

I have jitsi / jibri hosted on droplets with the following configurations:


  • 2 vCPus
  • 2GB - Memory
  • 60GB - SSD
  • 3TB - Transfer


  • 2 vCPus
  • 4GB - Memory
  • 80GB - SSD
  • 4TB - Transfer

Could it be some configuration that makes the meetings of low quality?

So the recommended memory for running jicofo + jvb and the rest on one machine is 8GB. For jibri 4GB is fine, I think … What matters here what is the available bandwidth of those machines?

I don’t understand, do you say the machines that use the service? Thanks !

What are your droplets internet connection speed?

@jack-denio What @damencho is saying is that your virtual machine or virtual private server droplets don’t have enough resources.

Thanks @nightstryke !!

About the resources I understood, but what speed of the droplet I have no idea, is the transfer rate? Or the bandwidth of the user?

All virtual machine or virtual private server droplets have a connection speed usually it’s in megabits per second or gigabits per second. So hosts will list it as 10mbps, 100mbps, or 1gbps.

What hosting company are you using?

Ahhhh … I’m using digital ocean

I see digital ocean say they have big links spread among droplets, but they don’t say what is available per droplet, and I see that many people are sometimes complaining about upload speeds to droplets, in some cases changes with hundreds of percents, so this maybe and what you see unreliable upload speed … I wonder whether they have some network optimized droplets, if they do, that you need to try. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

Thanks @damencho

Would you indicate any?