Impossible to reach a call with cam and mic today, but worked before


I have a strange trouble today.
I am using a room with and it works fine until Tuesday, 14th April (i’ve been able to connect and to make a call with a colleague), connecting either from Firefox (68.7.0esr) or Chrome.
However, today, I wanted to test the setting of a colleague (he installed the latest esr version of Firefox). We both connected to the room but impossible for both of us to see/ear each other.

I have 2 pc at home, and I get the same trouble when I launched the call using Firefox. When I first connected using Google Chrome, i could reach the call.

I tried to set up the confcall using Chrome, and when he connected, we had the same issue.
I’m a bit lost and don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

I’ve planned a big meeting using but now, not sure it will work.


Hi Guillaume,
I had a similar issue a couple of days ago, using Chrome for a Jitsi meeting I had set up with a few friends. On my screen, the thumbnails for other participants showed that their mics and videos were turned off. This was incorrect since they were able to hear and see each other, but all I could use was the chat.
Today, I was invited to another Jitsi meeting and the same thing happened. However, this time I switched to a ‘New incognito window’ and bingo it worked!
All I can think of is that the problem was caused by a conflict between one (or more) of my browser extensions and Jitsi Meet.
I hope this helps!

Hi Gilles,

yes it seems like there was some kind of conflicts.I’ll try today again to see whether it’s ok or not .
crossing fingers it was just a temporary issue !
Thanks for your feedback.


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So, it was a one day issue.
I could use today with some colleagues and it was fine. So, maybe a random conflict with something on my computer.


My son is using Jitsi for his school calls, and we still have this issue. It also started on April 14th, before it worked correctly. It keeps saying that ‘your mic is muted by your system settings’, but I can not adjust it in the settings. Teams works perfectly.
I have the same message both in chrome as microsoft Edge.

I didn’t have a problem since my message, so really troubling…