Important: Configurable Live Streaming URL & Live Stream Key for interviews

Hello all,

instead of a fixed youtube live streaming URL, the Smartphone App and Web Application must support a configurable live streaming URL and stream key to be able to stream to:

  • Own Twitch account
  • Facebook groups or pages or own chronic
  • Periscope
  • Own rtmp server
  • Vimeo

Can you prioritize this feature?
This is important e.g. for Streaming Live Interviews to Facebook or to stream live concerts/music of multiple people to Facebook groups

Although this isn’t implemented in Jitsi Meet, someone came up with a workaround to stream to RTMP, see this forum post.

Also see these feature requests :

  • Allow streaming to general RTMP endpoint #2829
  • Allow Streaming to WebRTC general endpoint #6156

Can you describe this how can you live streaming in twitch from jitsi call

stream to an alternative RTMP server