Implementing own test server for iOs & Android

Hi community,

We are trying to implement our custom test server and we are modifying the application. For iOs, the custom configuration works fine, but for Android don’t.

We set the JitsiMeetConferenceOptions with our data:

return new JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()

We receive this error:

2020-02-12 17:42:08.599 7129-11653/ E/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/base/lib-jitsi-meet] Failed to load config from Error(TypeError){"message":"Network request failed","stack":"onerror@http://localhost:8081/\ndispatchEvent@http://localhost:8081/\nsetReadyState@http://localhost:8081/\n__didCompleteResponse@http://localhost:8081/\nemit@http://localhost:8081/\n__callFunction@http://localhost:8081/\nhttp://localhost:8081/\n__guard@http://localhost:8081/\ncallFunctionReturnFlushedQueue@http://localhost:8081/\ncallFunctionReturnFlushedQueue@[native code]"}

2020-02-12 17:42:08.675 7129-11653/ I/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/overlay] The conference will be reloaded after 23 seconds.

2020-02-12 17:42:08.676 7129-11653/ D/JitsiMeetSDK: ExternalAPI Sending event: CONFERENCE_TERMINATED with data: { NativeMap: {"url":"","error":"TypeError: Network request failed"} }

2020-02-12 17:42:08.677 7129-7129/ D/JitsiMeetActivity: Conference terminated: {error=TypeError: Network request failed, url=}

Also, we tested the domain with the Jitsi Meet application from Play Store and App Store: we changed the server url but only worked for iOs.

Note: I don’t add the real domain for privacy reasons.

I wait for your comments.

Is the SSL certificate in yoour web server self-signed? You can also use to check if the cert chain is correct.

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Yes, we found the error, thanks!

Can you please tell us what the problem was because i’m facing the same error

@Skander_Chamakhi Hi! In our case, it was a SSL certificate issue in our server. They have to updated.

How to solve this issue?