Implementing ONE WAY broadcasting

I am looking for a tool that allows me to implement a live one-way broadcast video on an app. Can Jitsi be set in this way? Where the participants can only see only one image (that of the sender) and where they cannot be able to turn on their audio or video.

just use youtube. embed the code after starting the live stream

OR use OBS

Hello. Thanks for your response.
In my first publication, I forget to mention that what I need is a real-time interaction between the sender (video and audio) and the receiver, but not in real-time audio / video, but through interventions with the application that hosts the said broadcast. Therefore Youtube’s 4/5 sec delay is not acceptable.

jitsi doesnt have a webinar mode yet & you cannot turn off audio/video of participants completely

you can mute them but they can unmute on their own .

its actually almost 20 second delay

You can however stream to your own RTMP server and embed that in an page with chat feature.

you can also try if openfire+jitsi can achieve what you want to do (i dont know if this is possible)