Implementing custom prosody modules

Hello all,
I am running Jitsi on a docker setup and am having a lot of trouble with implementing custom modules.
I wrote a custom one and saved the .lua file to the prosody docker container on /usr/lib/prosody/modules directory.
I don’t know the next steps needed to fully implement my custom module for it to work.
Would really appreciate if someone could help with a step by step list on where to enable the before mentioned .lua file (module) for it to work on a live jitsi site.

Am also a 1st year computer science student and really new to docker applications so please bare with me…

With regards,

Please don’t create multiple threads on the same topic/request. It’s tantamount to spamming the forum.

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I know, but it’s an updated version of the question and I’m kinda desperate and just need the basic information on how to implement a basic module in docker, please.

Posting the same question/request multiple times (even if phrased differently) will not get you answers faster. I’m not terribly familiar with Docker, but someone else should be able to help with this, hopefully soon.

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