Implement Share a youtube video feature in lib-jitsi-meet API (low level)

Jitsi Iframe api has this share a YouTube video (YouTube link or direct video link) feature in more actions. I have looked on docs but I haven’t found it anywhere.
Do we have this same feature available in lib-jitsi-meet API (low level)?

This is a feature of jitsi-meet, you can do your own impl using lib-jitsi-meet.

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This is huge.
I suppose there’s a lot going on with the native and web versions.
And I’m guessing there’s a redux, reducer mapactions of react, and other things I’m not familiar with.
Is there any particular function or file that I should check for that will allow me to share a YouTube video?

If there is a link or steps I can follow to put it into action, that would be extremely useful.

A lot of the code is concerned with the UI of displaying the video, which in your implementation will of course be specific to your UI. The actual guts is under the component (this is the web one). If you use React, you can probably copy a lot of it directly over. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off reimplementing it from scratch.

You need to signal to all participants that they should start playing a YouTube video (can use a JSON message), handle receiving that message by displaying an embed of the YouTube video in an appropriate way in your UI, automatically mute the microphone (otherwise everyone will hear multiple slightly-out-of-sync copies of the YouTube video’s audio) and then regularly signal the playback position and handle an excessive offset by seeking the YouTube video, to try to keep everyone reasonably in sync.

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Basically, I’d like to add a functionality that allows users to share only the sound from their computer, not the screen.

So here are some possibilities:

  1. We can share using getdisplaymedia with the share audio checkbox, but this will only work with browser tabs, not other application windows, because there will be no checkbox for application windows, and it will also share a portion of the screen, which I do not want.
  2. Share a YouTube video option, where I can paste a straight video or audio link that will operate as expected, but will not work for music apps that do not allow direct links, such as Spotify.

I have looked into the jitsi electron app, but it has some limitations with macOS and Linux, such as the inability to share system sound.

I tried using the electron desktopcapture api to develop a webrtc and peerjs application that properly shared only audio without sharing the screen.

So all I want to know is if there is a method to add these core apis streams to jitsi (because jitsi supports a wide range of devices such as audio, video, and desktop).
Alternatively, if you have a better solution for this scenario, please share it with us.

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I am also facing the same issue. It would be better if anyone help us with priority.

There are various apps that give you a loopback audio device, you could consider using one of those. Basically the user would select this app’s virtual output device as their output in the other app (e.g. Spotify) and then select this app’s virtual microphone as their input in Jitsi.

Otherwise you could look at using Jitas or gst-meet to feed the audio in.

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I have followed this link - GitHub - jitsi-contrib/jitas: Jitsi Assistant to install jitas on my ubuntu system but its giving me this error.
Any idea why I am getting this error -

bash debian-bullseye-mate

distro checking…
unsupported distro
Something went wrong. Not completed!

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I also need the same functionality,
if you guys have any idea
how I can share youtube videos with all participants