Impact of AUTH_ TYPE=internal

I now use docker-jitsi-meet-stable-5963.
I found that the original service used Jwttoken to authenticate login and configured JWT_ APP_ ID、JWT_ APP_ SECRET and other parameters. But AUTH_ TYPE uses internal. Strangely, the conference function can now be used normally.
Excuse me, AUTH_ TYPE=internal, but the real situation is to log in using jwttoken. Will it affect the authentication mechanism and meeting effect? What impact will it have? For example, jwttoken takes a long time to verify or the sharing picture is vague?

That is a pretty old release, I strongly recommend you update.

That means no JWT auth was used.

It’s just a different auth mechanism. With JWT you need to supply a token in the URL as a parameter.

The url I provide contains the jwt token, but it is in the server Auth in env file_ Type=internal, the service is running normally now. It’s a little strange. Is it because the URL specifies the Jwt method?

The URL doesn’t matter if the server is not configured for JWT auth then the token won’t be validated.

ok,thank you