Images freezing, voices roboting

A group of us have been trying Jitsi for online RPG gaming: 5 video images, voice. I love the fact we can see the connection quality of everyone, and there are many other interesting controls. My question is: what can we do to improve the connection quality?

For comparison, on Google Hangouts, the group does not have freezing/roboting issues, but on Jitsi it does. Does using the Desktop app improve performance?

Update: would using the Windows Desktop version help, or setting up our own server?

Hi Christo, I suppose you’re experiencing freezes while desktop sharing. Bad/robotic/crackling audio suggests bad network conditions, but if Hangouts works well, then it’s most likely an issue on our side. Is it any better if you do normal video? What browsers are you using?

Also note that network conditions and the behavior of background apps can change drastically over time, so it’s important to compare around the same time to ensure a fair and reliable comparison.

Switching over to the desktop app probably won’t have any impact on a/v quality because the media engine is exactly the same.


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Thanks for the response. The two people with the issue were on the same router and one was streaming to YouTube, so I expect that had an impact.

Yes, it’s possible that streaming to YT is causing issues because it consumes bandwidth. But if Hangouts was performing better under the same conditions, then it’s most likely either a bug on our side or inferior performance of our bandwidth estimations.

We have fixed several things in the new bridge, so maybe you’ll get better performance if the problem is due to a bug that’s fixed. The new bridge is not deployed to yet, but you can test it on