I'm not familiar with the system requirements for Meet Jitsi (MacOS)

Hi. First at all, Please excuse my bad English. I am from Germany.

Here is my personal challenge I’ve struggled for the last 7 hours. My girlfriend’s “old & loved” macbook (OS 10.6.8) and a pretty “dusty” Chrome (49.0.2693).
When I called https://meet.jit.si the Chrome tab went black.
I added the WebRTC extensions - no improvement - I found the extensions Jitsi - no change (black tab).
Troubleshooter WebRTC - camera & micro GREEN. Graphics the 1280x800 resolution failed, even though it runs in the modus - network only IPv6 failed (I run pure IPv4).
Has some an idea which chrome settings - scripts are missing our the hood?

(In parallel I tested the Windows 10 laptop - Chrome (actual version): Everything Perfect and even Meet Jitsi works -> deducted: my router.settings are OK.