I'm new and stupid but I need someone to dumb it down

OK to clarify what Jitsi is

there is the website version found here: https://meet.jit.si/ you can type in your unique name and boom you are off

and there seems to be another way where we create a web server and install something on that server and we run jitsi from our own site

is this correct so far?

In any case I have been playing with the jitsi meet and is there a way to completely remove the share option so no one can share the streaming video at all.

reason why I am developing a wordpress platform plugin that allows people to sell tickets to events for entertainers and people will need to buy a ticket to watch (as you can see having people share the video negates the need to buy a ticket)

please treat me as tho I am extremely stupid in explanations - I have my skill sets that just don’t happen to be web tech

but in understanding the concept I can then hire the right people to get it done

Correct. Think of it as a public hosted wordpress service vs your own wordpress install.

By removing the “share” option - you mean to keep the people from joining the conference call? If that’s what you mean, you can have authentication or password protection in the room, so that uninvited people can’t join, etc.

On the other hand technically you can’t stop a user re-sending the video that’s on his screen to a third party. One can for example record the screen and share it. So ultimately there is no way to control the content, because it’s up to the participants that already have access to it to keep it or share it.

But if you mean to restrict users from getting inside the conference, then yes - there is a way to implement authentication, integrate with a website or simply putting a password in the room (you can test the password option in the meet.jit.si server)

Thank you so much. I have been reading so much. But most articles somewhat start mid way through the conversation.

Basically the jitsi streams will be embeded on a WordPress page.

That page will only be accessible from someone who has bought a ticket.

So if people share that WordPress page, they can only unlock it if they have bought a ticket.

Which is why we would disable the invite/share option .

Also is there a way to stop people viewing the original source if they are not on the dedicated Web page.

I have a vimeo account and they allow you to view videos only hosted on xzy websites. But you can’t view the video on vimeo itself. Which great.

Does jitsi on my own server have a similar security feature.

And yes people may record a performance. Not much you can doabout that other than entertainers are charging peanuts to sell tickets anyway so not a major concern.

Also passwords can be shared as easily as a link. So it’s not really a security feature.

But having someone pay and then log in with the email address to view is better security ( and we allow only one person to log in with the same email address) it blocks further log in attempts.

Jitsi is perfect but that share or invite option available to anyone just kills it.

Thank you so much for your answer. I very much appreciate it.

I see your point. So the easiest way to restrict uninvited people join is to have a basic authentication.

You can use the most basic auth, that is with internal Prosody users, see the commands in ‘create users in Prosody’ section.

This means either managing the user accounts manually or (better) preparing some scripts in WP to add/edit/remove them for you. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it works ok.

Another option - as you already have a portal WordPress website, it may be better for you to integrate WP with Jitsi with the help of JSON Web Tokens (JWT). WP will need to generate new tokens for the users and then pass them to the Jitsi conference page, when the WP page that it is integrated into is being loaded by the user that has paid for the conference… etc.

These are three options for authentication, sorted by the amount of development needed - basic auth, basic auth with automation of users management and JWT auth.

Thankyou so much this is great stuff,