Im Lost Now

I’m at a loss now with my projects with WebRTC and my partner programmer who was my brother had a massive stroke so I am on my own and my project is falling apart ;(
We made an awesome way to make an account using a bitcoin method of Hashes and remembering 6 words to get your password back. Now I am left alone not knowing what to do.
This means I will have to use a different client for my project and maybe get some help learning or even help to do the project.
I started Doing Easy webRTC then simple WebRTC way before anyone else and now everyone is doing it and I always said that webRTC was the future.
Its just back then years ago there was no help online for errors and so on.
But now even google is doing a free version called google meet.
I’m at a loss now because I have a half-finished project on a windows VPS and I don’t even know how to update it.
So maybe its time to use another client?
I always wanted to host it because of freedom of speech and to keep away from anyone one else holding people’s data so I got A VPS and started working on it.
I have been making chat clients now since yahoo closed in 2006 lol
But I have lost my brother now so I’m looking around for the next best thing in the hope I can finish my dream client and keeping people safe online.