Im going to dictate a class and i need help

Hello, im really new at this and i need help on understanding something. I want to dictate a class of 500-1000 people but, i understand that, depending on how much people you have on your conference, the call might crash. Now, i know that you can connect to youtube livestream. So, having said that, i have some questions.

  1. that connection is made so that you can have people watching the livestream on youtube or so that you can use the youtube servers to be able to host more people on the jitsi conference call?

  2. in the case that it is on Jitsi, how would that work? would people be able to talk and be seen by their camera? would it only allow them to watch? would it let them raise their hand? is there a limit on the amount of people youtube servers can host?

Thank you so much in advance

If you only need to lecture rather than to interact with the listeners, then Jitsi probably isn’t what you need. I’d suggest just live-streaming your lecture, be it on Facebook, YouTube, or similar.

I’m not an expert and I might have missed something, but that would seem like the best solution to me.

i would like interaction. Id like for people to be able to raise their hands so i can hear their questions, ideally if i allowed them to at the moment. However, i dont know wich features of interaction jitsi has, so thats why i asked about details of the tools it gives you on a stream with lots of people. Also, do you know anything about 1)?