I'm Done Developing My App Built-on Jitsi Low-Level

Just a little show and tell. For the past year I’ve been developing a video application using Jitsi’s Low Level API and today its finally done! First, thank you to everyone in the forums like @damencho, @Freddie, and the many others who have answered a lot of my annoying questions.

The solution is being called a Live Media as a Service, which means developers can build completely customize video interfaces without have to write code by using an API. And anything can be placed on-screen using a widget system and it can be no-coded. In short, develop custom video solutions with minimal amount of coding.

Website: https://developers.bingewave.com/
Widget System Example: Developing Custom Experiences For Interactive Live Streams - YouTube
No-Code Use Case: How To Develop Video Conferencing & Live Streaming App With Minimal Coding | by Devin Dixon | BingeWave | Apr, 2022 | Medium

If anyone wants to test it out and provide feedback, I’m very open! Also I am still have issues getting the full-screen to be capture by Jibri/Chrome on broadcasts and recordings, so any help in that area would be much appreciated. But it’s launched!

Hi Devin,

I checked your site and documents but everything seems too complicated to me. Maybe I’m a little confused today.

Thanks for the feedback? What areas seem complicated and could use improvement?