I'm at Jitsi Hackathon, need helps for a new Jitsi component, Jitas (Jitsi Assistant)

Hello emrah,

I always amaze by your work. I am concentrating to test Jitas server. Most of it is seamlessly work. Except small detail ie.:

When I type text in chat room in Jitas, the user in Meet.jit.se receive it. But no trail text shown in Jitas chat screen. Same thing if the user in meet.jit.si send text message trough chat screen, it does not shown in Jitas screen.

Overall, i guess this going to be the winner project :slight_smile: due the huge room possibility can be develop from this project.

I will digging further. ok

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Hallo Emrah,

How about we to use HLS/DASH file (an Adaptive Streaming format but the file extension can be as MP4 too) instead of non-streamable MP4 video file in the Jitas server. The player can use HTML5 player (Video.js) installed in server too.

This will solve your video-lag issue in Jitas operator/viewer.

As you might notice, Currently the user who view video trough meet.jit.si server will see with better video flow (end better experience) than user who see and operate trough Jitas server directly. By using HLS video file and HLS player, both of user will experiencing the same seamless video flow.

Awesome project, by the way.

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Hello @Janto,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I connect the jitas virtual user to the meeting as a recorder. There are some advantages to do this but one of side effects is the chat works only one way (since recorder has no need to get chat messsages).

This week is the evaluation time for the jury. Next week, I’ll study on this issue again.

I don’t care so much the video quality on VNC because the presenter is in the meeting room at the same time and can watch the video smoothly. VNC is only for controling the presentation flow.

And HLS has high latency.

Thanks for the recommendations

Hello Emrah, thanks a lot for sharing. I think this looks like a big improvement for media sharing and collaboration.
can this also work in case there is collaboration / sharing to be done on an app that runs on ms windows, mac os ?

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Hello @tob123,

Jitas needs a highly customized environment, it’s not only an application. Therefore it doesn’t work on Windows or MacOS.

But you can install Windows in a virtual machine on Jitas server. I have no idea if it is possible to bind the VM’s audio to the host. I didn’t try this before.