Iframe jitsi

Good morning everyone, I have a delicate problem with jitis, I currently have it on a web page but it is integrated as an iframe for some reason does not allow the camera or the microphone to be seen, for a reason I ask the community, how can I solve this problem? It is necessary for me to work in an iframe.

Are you using the iframe api? Is set allow=“camera; microphone" on your iFrame?

so I have it
<iframe id=“ifStreaming” class=“video” [src]=“linkClass” frameborder=“0”
allow=“geolocation; microphone; camera”>

Are you accessing it over http or https? Webrtc works only when using it over https.

The website is https, but I’ve noticed that when you enter iframe does not connect correctly with users, this has caused me many problems, I do not know if I have to configure something additional.

What src are you setting on your iframe? Here’s a codepen where the iframe works for me: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/PLrbRy. The codepen consist of html with: <iframe allow="camera; microphone" src = "https://meet.jit.si/testthings"></iframe>

Hi, I’m also struggling with using Jitsi in an iFrame.
I’ve added the allow attribute:


but it still shows me to allow for webcam and mic access.

Your codepen has the same problem for me. Any other suggestions we might try?