Iframe communication

hello all i faced one problem i am using iframe on client side and connect jitsi to iframe and also i would like to fire some events from jitsi (using postMesage) and catch those events on client side (outside iframe) and events inside iframe.addEventListener(‘message’) are fired many times, do we have any idea why this is happening?

Client side has iframe.addEventListener(‘message’), and jitsi has postMessage trigger.

If I log event.data inside eventListener I get a lot of messages {“postis”:true,“scope”:“jitsi-remote-control”,“method”:“ready”,“params”:“1665415084636.753” }

Yep, there is a communication between jitsi-meet inside the iframe and API that runs the iframe in the parent web.

and is it normal for events to fire very frequently?

yep, there are many events there to be handled:

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