Iframe call setVideoInputDevice get gum.general Could not start Video source


I facing an error when I running jitsi meet on mobile which got 1 front camera and 3 back camera. I able to retrieve all camera using JitsiMeetExternalAPI.getAvailableDevices for Video input, but when I tried to switch by calling setVideoInputDevice I get gum.general Could not start Video source error, but once I quit and start another conference the meeting will using the camera input I selected earlier.

Even I using latest jitsi meet from https://meet.jit.si/ I got the same error on switch camera from setting.

Thank for help.

You need to stop using the camera before doing that. This is a limitation of mobile devices, you cannot open more than one camera at a time.

Mean if I call


Mutes / unmutes the video for the local participant.

to mute the current video and change video input then unmute will it work ?

Yep, that should do.

Thank, I will test on it.