Iframe API

I want to use Jitsi Iframe API in my wordpress site, but I can’t add scripts using the sintaxis . Is there any way to download the external_api.js file to host it on my server?

Seems like the answer to your problem is in your question.

Download https://meet.jit.si/external_api.js and place the file on your site then just reference your own copy

I have not done this myself but I read through this page and there are many options to achieve what you are asking.

You basically can copy and paste the content of external_api.js in a <script> tag on your page or include it after you upload it:
<script src="http://www.yoursite.any/wp-content/themes/your-theme/js/external_api.js'></script>

If this doesn’t make sense then this little snag will likely not be your last before getting Jitsi to work.

Good luck!

The below HTML if placed in a HTML widget in Wordpress, it works well. Works with Elementor pagebuilder too.

<script src="https://your.jitsimeetdomain.com/external_api.js"></script>
<div id=meet></div>
    const domain = "your.jitsimeetdomain.com"; 
    const options = {
        roomName: "ROOM NAME",
        width: "100%",                
        height: 700,               
        parentNode: document.querySelector('#meet'), 
        configOverwrite: { 
            prejoinPageEnabled: false, 
            startWithVideoMuted: false,
            startWithAudioMuted: false,
            requireDisplayName: false,
            anyOtherConfig: xxx 
        interfaceConfigOverwrite: { 
            filmStripOnly: false,
            TOOLBAR_BUTTONS: ['microphone', 'camera', 'tileview'] 

//        jwt: 'yourtokenhere' 
    const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);