iFrame API - webinar solution - more then one moderator visible, while participants deactivated

I’m not a Jitsi developer. You can follow this doc

Thanks for the advice. Creating a PR is not an issue. It was a question related to coding style guidelines & so :wink:

El dv., 16 de jul. 2021, 22:29, emrah via Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users <jitsi@discoursemail.com> va escriure:

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Thanks Damencho. Our problem is that with Jitsi itself we don‘t have any problems in general.

At the moment we have two issues.

  1. Speech2Text (google api) does not work anymore
  2. Jitsi recording to Nextcloud is not working anymore as well.

Problem is that we dońt know where to start to look for the problems. We don‘t get any messages. We tried on two different servers. Both are working fine with Jitsi (Ubuntu 20.04 minimal).
But i guess these are questions for the community and not for the Jitsi developers right?

Guys, i wanted to thank you for all your feedback. This is really a lively discussion. Have a great day!!

Thanks :slight_smile: