IFrame API - video thumbnail from one participant doubled and covers other participant(s)

Since may 6th 2021, sometimes video thumbnail of one participant covers (overlap) video of other participant(s).
For instance, in a conference with 5 participants, we could see twice video thumbnail from participant 3 and we don’t see video of participant 4. displayName and audio for participant 4 is correct, but video is from participant 3.
Problem persists even if we close current meeting and create a new one.
Any suggestion? Thanks!

It seems to happen mostly with iOS - Safari users/participants…

Is this on meet.jit.si or on your personal server?

Thanks Freddie. It’s on meet.jit.si

<script src="https://meet.jit.si/external_api.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

const domain = 'meet.jit.si';

Update: Still have this problem. It happens mostly with safari (iOS and OS) participants.
During one meeting, video thumbnail from one participant was overlapping 2 other participants!

TEST: I did try to embed a meeting from another server and the problem was NOT there. Same participants, different server (by looking at the GUI, I think that server is using an older jitsi version).
Any suggestion? I’m really the only one experiencing this issue? Thanks!!


  1. Generally I don’t have the picture-in-picture link on any thumbnail, but, when this happens, I generally see that one of the participants has the picture-in-picture link on his/her thumbnail… I don’t know if it could this could help to troubleshoot the problem…
  2. I’ve also noticed that sometimes one of the participants can’t hear other(s) participant(s). Problem persists also after reconnecting…
    Any suggestion on what to look at to troubleshoot?

This is strange. Are you defining constraints in your iFrame parameters?

Thanks Freddie, do you mean configOverwrite or interfaceConfigOverwrite ?

No, referring to size constraints. I’m wondering if perhaps your height and width definitions have something to do with this. But then, you did say you used the same (I presume) definitions on another server and everything worked fine.

I like when it’s always small tiles like 3x3
So I have:
disableResponsiveTiles: true, in configOverwrite
TILE_VIEW_MAX_COLUMNS: 3, in interfaceConfigOverwrite

The parentNode: #my-id has these attributes in css:
position: absolute; left: 0; overflow:hidden; z-index:5;


Well, if you’re disabling responsive tiles, that could be the issue. Can you try with that flag set to false and see if it helps?

I will try, but without disabling responsive tiles, if we are in 8 in the room,
i will have:

------------------ iframe
1 - - 2
3 - - 4
5 - - 6
------------------- end iframe (overflow not visible, need scrolling)
7 - - 8

instead of:

------------------- iframe
1 - 2 - 3
4 - 5 - 6
7 - 8

------------------- end iframe

But I will try and I’ll keep you posted

UPDATE: Commented out
// disableResponsiveTiles:
but problem still persists : (

Tested with same participants (and same configs) on the other server with older jitsi version and worked fine. (Just noticed that one of the participant had a lower quality video, but no overlapping).

Opened inspector and noticed that video id and audio id for both participants is --1 (???).
Console log says same thing: containers: video#remoteVideo_–1

Here are the screenshots:


@Browns Is this issue still happening if you take a commit after chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest · jitsi/jitsi-meet@6d15bcc · GitHub ? You shouldn’t be seeing stream ids as --1 for Safari after this commit.

@jallamsetty Thanks for your help Jaya.
Unfortunately, I’m not sure to understand your question/suggestion and what to do…
Should I modify the package.json file? Where is it located?

I’m just embedding meetings running on meet.jit.si, it is not on my own server…
<script src="https://meet.jit.si/external_api.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you are just asking me when was last time issued happened, it was on May 21st.

I missed that you are using the version running on meet.jit.si. Looks like the issue exists there, a fix has been committed already which should get pushed out in the next meet.jit.si release. I can update here once that is done.

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Thanks a lot! Yes, please let me know when next meet.jit.si will be live.
Thanks again.

PS Is there a way to know the current version running on meet.jit.si ?

The fix has been released on meet.jit.si. Can you please give it a try and check if the issue has been fixed for you ?

Hi Jaya! Thank you for taking the time to check if everything was OK with the new version. I appreciate.
I took sometimes before answering because I wanted to test it.
I can confirm that, after the update, the overlapping thumbnails problem was gone : )

Unfortunately we still had problems with disconnections and some participants having hard time to hear each other. So, back to school, we took the time to learn how to run a private installation of Jitsi and we installed an older version that works very well!
Now I can’t tell you if it’s because our installation can use all the full resources of a dedicated server or because problems arises from some coding in more recent versions…

We will try to deploy a second installation with a newer version of Jitsi and test it. I will let you know how it goes…

Thanks again!

Are you saying that you are still having issues with disconnections and audio issues with the version running on meet.jit.si ? Can you please describe these scenarios in detail ? How many and what kind of endpoints are involved ?

Can you please let us know what version are you running ?

That would be great, pls let us know how it goes, thanks!