IFrame API usage inside an android webview wont autoplay videos

On the initial load it plays fine but randomly toggling the front/back camera and toggling video on/off would need the video box to be tapped for it to play.

Check you have autoplay in

Look for this part,

this._frame.allow="camera; microphone; display-capture; autoplay;"

Also try forcing the pre-loging screen.
The one that requires you to write your name before logging into the room.

That will force meet the interaction requirements for the browser to autoplay correctly.

Thanks. I checked and the iframe allows autoplay. Still have the same issue as pre-loging screen. Just really weird since it only happens in an android webview but using the browser on the phone and connecting to the same server doesn’t have that issue.

Hmm, interesting.

I would say to check if any desktop browser have the same behavior and use console to inspect if some error jumps to light or try emulating Android so you can debug the issue at hand.

Maybe is something related to the android version.