Iframe API Toolbar in configOverwrite or in interfaceConfigOverwrite

Hi all,

for our Wordpress site I made a “gutenberg-block” to integrated Jitsi on our and some other websites by using the iframe API (as documented here: IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook).
No I wanted to add the new “select-background” option to the toolbar.
When I look in jitsi-meet/interface_config.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub I read that the toolbar option have moved over to config.js; for iframe API this would meanausing configOverwrite instead of interfaceConfigOverwrite for selecting which toolbar options the user schould see.
I tryed using configOverwrite instead of interfaceConfigOverwrite, but it didnt work. With interfaceConfigOverwrite it is still working.
So how does it work and how should it work; well, now and in future (and when exactly is the date of this future?)?
And how can I implement so that I can handle the latest/future versions as well as current/older versions in the same code?
In the iframe API doc I have found nothing about this change and how to handle the transition.

BR - Jochen

Are you using meet.jit.si or your own deployment?
There is code for backward compatibility and if toolbar buttons exist in interface_config, the values from config.js are ignored, for now.

Dear Damencho,

So would it be a good idea to set the toolbar options in both InterfaceConfigOverwrite and ConfigOverwrite? So that with my code I can use current as well as future Jitsi instances?!?
Or could this somehow “confuse” either current/old or new Jitsi versions?
I am using meet.jit.si as well as other instances and therefore instances running different versions.

BR - Jochen