Iframe api jitsi not working with dropbox

Hi good morning,

I am trying to start an automatic recording with the jitsi api using iframe jitsi,
I have the following configuration
api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {
mode: ‘file’,
dropboxToken: ‘mytoken’

inside the videoConferenceJoined event

and I receive as a response this Failed starting recording: “[modules/API/API.js] : Failed starting recording: dropbox is not enabled on this deployment”,

I have to add an element to configOverwrite?, my configuration is as follows:
var options = {
configOverwrite: {},
interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
filmStripOnly: true

sorry for my english,traductor, Thanks for the help

I found the solution
you have to enable in configOverwrite settings

fileRecordingsEnabled: true

and add
dropbox: {
application key: ‘XXXXXX’

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Serverside recording (which includes Dropbox integration) is currently not available on meet.jit.si (I suspect that’s where you’re trying to run your iFame on).

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If it can be integrated, the option is already in the moderator menu and my project is already linked with the DropBox app inside the app console, but it doesn’t save to the DropBox because the option needs to be enabled, it’s disabled by default.

When I enable that option manually if it saves the recording to DropBox

Is there a way to make that option start as enabled when starting the conference?

@damencho, session with automatic recording and saving in dropbrox?

With the configuration that I have if it allows me to integrate jitsi with dropbox, so manually if it allows me to record and store in dropbox.

i need help please

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