Iframe api host credentials

is there a way to add into the options parameter the prosody user credentials so i can skip the enter host credentials state when i have authentication on? my use case is that I am using wordpress for my website and want to use jitsi’s iframe api within it, I want the login to happen through wordpress and if a user wants to host a meeting they only need to first be logged into the wordpress website.

My current guess is that it involves the jwt token parameter in options, if correct how do format the token, if not, how would I go about adding this to the iframe myself? (as in what files need to be added and edited)

Thank you

This is exactly the usecase for jwt. You need some server side script generating jwt tokens for a logged in user, pass it to web where the web pass it to the iframeAPI and of course your deployment needs to be configured to use jwt.

There are examples how to pass jwt to the iframe API IFrame API | Jitsi Meet

so do i put in a json for the jwt, or an encoded version (so an actual jwt token)

nvm i can’t read, so i have to generate the jwt token myself and put that into the options

@damencho so I am still confused where to get the data to make up the jwt token for a meeting

What data do you mean?

iss, exp, sub and aud. (I assume room_name is up to the me?) Also where to i specify the password in the json for the jwt token?

These depend on how you set up your backend.
No password is needed when you change your backend to use jwt instead of username/password.