Iframe API can't access mic on Mobile Browser

Even accessing the jitsi meet website and joining a room through the web browser doesn’t have audio. In the beginning I see the green “It sounds like your microphone is working properly” before joining the room. When selecting the Speakets Stats it shows the Speaker Time as 0s

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What browser are you using?

I was trying to launch jitsi meet through a an android app webview, got video but no sounds so I thought it not work inside a webview.

So I directly went to https://meet.jit.si/ on Chrome then on Samsung Internet browser on my actual phone and still can’t hear any audio and speaker time is 0s on all instances. I then tried to use my co-workers phone and both of us has no audio.

Did you get the microphone permission prompt?

I have exactly the same issue…

We’re using the IFrame API, nightly build from I think the start of this April…

…and some users connect to the meeting but cannot enable either mike and/or their camera…

The mike and/or camera buttons are grayed out so they cannot even enable them.

Yes and enabled the permissions for micorphone on the browser.

Can you get access to the console logs with a remote debugger?

Hello is anyone also getting this same issue? I’ve tried using HTTPS to serve our proof-of-concept Spring Boot application instead of HTTP, and yet my mobile browser (particularly Chrome on iOS and Android) is unable to prompt for mic and camera permissions in the embedded iFrame API meeting (using 8x8.vc as a domain since we are using Jitsi-as-a-Service).

This is despite configuring device settings on my iOS device to allow camera on Chrome.

Oddly enough though, it works on Safari on iOS, and I’m not sure why that works while the others don’t.

See below (Chrome on iOS, no prompt for mic and camera access):

See below (Firefox on iOS, no prompt for mic and camera access):

See below (Safari on iOS, prompt for mic and camera access works):

Even stranger, on regular meet.jit.si meetings, there is apparently no issue on Chrome for Android, but my coworker reports not being able to receive the same prompt on Chrome for the embedded Jitsi iFrame API meeting:

Any clues guys on what could be happening?


I finally got it working. The trick is to serve your app using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Jitsi IFrame API cannot retrieve your camera + mic permissions on mobile browsers otherwise, and will not prompt to ask for permissions.

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