If the moderator leaves the meeting and returns to the meeting , how should the moderator be again?


I installed jitsi 6433 on my server and users can use it without a username and password.

The first user to log in is the moderator and then others are added to the session.

That is, if the first person exits the program and returns, the moderator will no longer have access.

Can we use a parameter in the URL to make it possible for the first person again, or is there another solution?

Well, whoever becomes moderator when the initial moderator leaves can grant moderator rights when that user re-enters.

You can also look into “moderated meetings” that allow for different URLs for moderators and others.

@Freddie thanks for the reply

I need a way for a person to log in directly as a manager.

The teacher creates the session and sends the link to his students.
Then the teacher leaves the classroom.
A student becomes a moderator.
The teacher enters but is not the moderator and the student does not make the teacher the moderator.

So the teacher is denied access to become a moderator.

What do we do now?

Without first establishing identity, you cannot reliably control who should and shouldn’t have moderator access. In a free-for-all setup where anyone can join without any form of auth, a user rejoining starts a new session and is no different from a new user joining. So without auth, everyone has equal trust level so you can’t really “take it back” once you leave the room.

To extend on Freddie’s suggestions, the following are some options depending on what your requirements are:

  1. The “everyone are sensible adults” approach - if you leave and come back, someone can give you back moderator rights
  2. Use JWT authentication so you can establish identity. You can then use something like this to assign moderator rights to the right person: prosody-plugins/token_affiliation at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub
    • It is possible to allow access to users without tokens (e.g. students) and only teachers have tokens that can make them moderator.
  3. Use moderated meetings. See:
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As a side note, @emrah has an installer that sets up standalone Jitsi with customisations designed specifically for school use case.

I’ve not tried it, and not sure if this will pull latest Jitsi, but the listed features looks very apt. Even if you don’t use it, it might be worth taking a look to see what’s possible and how it can be set up.

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I think it does, however this installer can’t upgrade an existing setup, it has first to delete everything. It could serve as inspiration though.
To the OP: as a stop gap you can set the old and classic secure domain, the teacher can set a secret password + lobby and grant access to students, then if teacher is disconnected it’s possible to join again with the secret password and as authenticated user the teacher will get back moderator priviledges.
Simple and quick even if JWT is a more powerful solution.

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