If letter is found in user ID, message from comes with random id

module: hook (“muc-broadcast-message”, handleBroadcastMessage); I am listening to messages with, but in the message it comes from, for example, the admin user’s information is from='example@muc.meet.jitsi/5eb035ac ’ .How can I apply a solution ?

This is the id(xmpp jid in the room) of the user, this is the id in the xmpp server and how the other participants are seeing this user.

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Thanks for reply damencho. I have also a question about that. XMPP side recieves id of user same if the id includes only numeric values. But, when id includes alphanumeric values (like “admin”), then XMPP side creates a random id (or “jid” as u said). How we can use same id as jid in xmpp side ?
I mean i want to use “admin” for both side as id.

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So a jid consists of several parts node@host/resource, for which part do you ask?
When using anonymous or jwt authentication the node part is a random uuid, if you use username/password authentication the node part comes from the username of the user.
And there are normally two jids per user on is the connection jid and one is the room jid.