If jibri is in another droplet how works?


Hi bro, i have droplet A with jitsimeet and droplet B with jibri, how can put together to talk, with domain or with is method here?


When you are configuring jibri, you add the xmpp host:

This the jitsimeet server address which should be listening on port 5222 so jibri can connect to it.


its not working really, because i need to destroy droplets and put jitsi and jibri in same droplet, pls tell me how can run perfectly jibri in another droplet for run other instance for record


You don’t need to put Meet and Jibri on the same server, you can install Jibri on a separate machine and use the config mentioned above to point it to the xmpp host (this is the jitsi meet machine, the value in “xmpp_server_hosts”). It connects to XMPP there on the other server, you don’t need them both on the same machine (although you could if you wish).