If I wanted to create a built-in Q&A system, where would I start?

Let’s say I wanted to add Q&A capabilities to Jitsi (think something like Slido). Where would I start? For example would this be a plugin?

Welcome to Jitsi-meet, @pigeonflight.

For other forum readers, Slido is a QA/poll cloud system. Polls is a long standing feature request for Jitsi-meet, however the project is relatively conservative in considering adding features not strictly related to videoconferencing.

Jitsi-meet has no concept of add-on, since Jitsi-meet is not primarily a cloud app, it’s historically primarily an open source project and as such extensions were considered a bit differently.

There are 2 ways of integrating Jitsi-meet:

  • the less involved: the iframe API; this is maybe more akin to a plugin, you use basic Jitsi-meet capabilities without changing them, either with your own server or the cloud Jitsi-meet application (meet.jit.si), obviously with meet.jit.si you can’t really consider using huge number of people since it’s a free resource and abuses would be frowned upon. You are limited to the Apl and if you want mobile clients you have to use mobile browsers too, you can’t use the mobile Jitsi client.

  • the more capable: lib-jitsi-meet: it’s more complicated but you can exceed Jitsi-meet capabilities (at least in specialized applications, without significant resources it would not be realist to expect to surpass what is doing the Jitsi project itself). With the lib-jitsi-meet option you have already sample, working code (the Jitsi-meet project itself) and every possibility is open. There is no limit. You can find a relatively simple sample project here showing how basic screen organization can be changed. You can find a more involved example here

Hope this helps, I don’t really try to do Jitsi dev myself, but if you have specific questions I don’t doubt real developers will help you !

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