If I set up extra videobridges on different servers, can Jitsi automatically switch to them and recreate the room if a server goes down?

I’ve just had my entire hosting company go down while my offshore DigitalOcean server is fine.

Could I have it so Jitsi Meet runs on DO, and then I have videobridges on multiple server companies inside the country, and in the case of one going down, it would switch automatically?

Moderator doesn’t matter as I give everyone moderator anyway.


You need a loadbalancer infront of the deployment that make sessions sticky based on the url param room= and when a shard goes down it is marked unhealthy and all next requests to it will be forwarded to a new shard and that will be detected by the client and all clients will see a reload screen and after 10 secs they will be on the new shard. This is how meet.jit.si works today and this is shown in one of the tutorial videos on the website.