If enableWelcomePage is false, how to specify the room?

i’ve got a bunch of small cloud instances using jitsi-meet. The ability to use the URL/roomname notation of just entering the room name at the welcome screen is sorely lacking amongst my participants.

I’d like to disable the welcome screen and just throw them into TheRoom. I see that /etc/jitisi/meet/URL-config.js has:
// Whether to use a welcome page or not. In case it’s false a random room
// will be joined when no room is specified.
enableWelcomePage: true,

Which is close, but I want them to join a specific room. How could I specify that room?

And, BTW, if enableWelcomePage is false, each user joins a different random room !!

It is expected.

    // Whether to use a welcome page or not. In case it's false a random room
    // will be joined when no room is specified.
    enableWelcomePage: true,

Ok, but it’d really useful if you had the option to have everybody join the same room. I mean, what is the use case for everybody joining a different room? It’s got to be a little lonely !

I am afraid that configuring nginx to redirect the root address to the specific URL would be the simplest way here, avoiding a complex hack.

May I ask why you would / could not share the URL with participants beforehand?

I share the url with them. That doesn’t seem to be the problem. And I share the room name. But they can’t seem to get it through their heads to enter the room name correctly. I’ve even sent them the URL/room link notation, and that just seems to confuse them. Sigh.

A random room name is ok, as long as everyone is sent to the same room.

To more fully explain, the users here are elderly people in managed care. Many of them have never used email. A lot of them depend on the nurses to set up the meeting. And, of course, I can’t physically visit with them to assist.

That’s why I’d like to keep the URL as simple as possible. No room. Just xxxx.yyyy.org.

Privacy is not an issue. These are small aws instances which I spin up each time from an AMI.

If privacy is not the issue, I would simply use https://bit.ly and share the shortened URL with participants. With this way you do not have to change anything on Jitsi Meet server.

With your own domain name, you could specify the URL like https://example.com/TheRoom, https://video-meeting-room.com/visit-here, etc.


Alternative: https://kutt.it/

Our users are elderly people who are have been told repeatedly not to trust strange urls. We have also stressed this to their caregivers. We have had some cases of serious fraud. We have our own domain name, which would be much better than a cryptic bitly url.

I assume some nginx magic would work. Seems like $URL.conf lines 94-99:

94 #Anything that didn’t match above, and isn’t a real file, assume it’s a room name and redirect to /
95 location ~ ^/([^/?&:’"]+)/(.*)$ {
96 set $subdomain “$1.”;
97 set $subdir "1/"; 98 rewrite ^/([^/?&:'"]+)/(.*) /$2;
99 }

But this is way beyond my nginx mojo. Any help would be appreciated.

I am not familiar with nginx configuration so I could not help you out :frowning:

FYI with paid plan on bitly, you could use your own domain (with CNAME I guess) and set any suffix as you would like, so that the shortened URL does not look like a strange and cryptic one.