If a large number of people gather in one room, are they distributed to separate bridge servers?

If [Bridge Server 1] can accommodate a total of 10 people, if 11 people enter a one room, is 1 person distributed to [Bridge Server 2]?
(Assuming I have 2 bridge servers and each server can accommodate 10 people)

P.S) My 4 bridge server specs:

1. CPU: 16Core
2. Memory: 16GB
3. Total 4 units

=> I heard that one unit can accommodate about 100 people, 
so it is expected that a total of 400 people can be accommodated.

Yes. There’s a stress limit, once that limit is hit, additional participants will be relayed to the next available bridge. This of course assumes you don’t implement Octo and set other rules.

Not sure what the CPU is for each bridge (you mistakenly typed 16G), but assuming you have sufficient cores on a strong server, you can actually accommodate up to ~300 participants per bridge.

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Thanks for the reply.

I wrote the wrong CPU. (It is 16 core, not 16G.)
How many people can a bridge server with 16 core CPU + 16G memory accommodate?

Yeah, you should be able to accommodate up to ~300 participants/bridge with those specs.

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