IDN domain not working on iOS app

I’m not really sure where to report this, but I discovered that IDN domains does not work in the iOS Jitsi app, it doesn’t seem to be able to resolve the domain at all. It works if I use the unencoded domain name. Also in the Android app the IDN domain works fine.

The reason why this is a problem is because the word “meet” in swedish is “möte” which we are using in our domain.

What error do you get?

“You have been disconnected”, exactly the same as I get when I input a completely non existent dns name. Also I can see no traffic to the server when I do this, so it seems it doesn’t try to contact the server (which makes me think it doesn’t resolve the name at all).

Do you have a publicly available setup I could use to test?

I’ll reply by pm :slight_smile:

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